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noooo fucking way. what a treat~ hella corny and ''''ANIME'''' as hell as ever, but bro itsa CLASSIC kind of fun.... Neato to see what DID exist for this fabled part 3. real nostalgic hearin the old voice actors from way back when too and thinkin where they and everyone else involved are these days. yeah man REST EASY, BRO......... thanks for releasin this lil thing for the funsies. child me forever longing for the 3rd ep is at peace now :)

FlameZero responds:

Hahaha :) That's just so nice.
Now that it's there and that I've read this review I'm also at peace now.
I'm really glad you had fun with this.
Thank you for watching my work. ^_^

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It's CERTAINLY a vampiresurvivors clone! Not bad in that yeah ya sure got the fundamentals down, but it obviously ain't too exciting with no real 'originality sauce' to it or even sound effects to help in the satisfaction of things. Not a bad base tho. Like yal could surely churn out something cooler after using this format to learn some gamedev ropes.

I got too many shuriken upgrades and the output of my guy throwing so many of them seemingly forbid enemies from spawning ever again. oops!

HOTEL MARIO INSPIRED GAME??? Sign me up.......

I want to like it WAAAAAAAAAY MORE, but there's a couple IRKING little wrinkles killing my vibe...

Like how you seemingly can't change directions on stairs, the at times awkward jumping, the 'hiding in door invincibility' not kicking in until you're fully inside a door, etc... Oh! I WISH you could use doors while running... Or is the idea that that would be too easy? I was really confused why I couldn't go in the elevators at first... Having to come to a dead stop first asks you to be careful but I dunno... I'd kinda just like to be able to SNAP inside of them <3

And I know part of the challenge is keeping track of who's in those elevators, but maybe them FLASHING or something to indicate when they were already being used by the enemies would be nice? Sometimes I'd just be mashing UP - desperately trying to get into one; not realizing they were sending a guy my way and POOF - guy appears on top of me and I'm dead. Just needs a TOUCH of a liittle more 'PLAYER FRIENDLINESS' I think... OTHERWISE IT'S MARVELOUS! Tho one more pedantic thing - I wonder the point of the border display information when it's soooo small I can't reasonably read it as a genuine source of information. Kind of ends up just coming off decorative.

Notakin responds:

Those are also great suggestions, Of course i should've added more indicators of when the elevators are usable, I could also tweak the rules a little bit sometime. Thanks for the feedback!

And yes maybe I will bump up the screen resolution, but for now you can just zoom it until I change that, K?

It certainly WORKS!!!!!!!!! <3

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obSCENELY chill. a good meandering kind of vibe. damn thatsa good menu

Random-storykeeper responds:

I'm relieved, considering the game takes place in an icy lab. Thanks for listening!

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hell yeah man heeeeell fuckin yeah... LOVE how kikyo inuyasha is KINDA GROSS wit that dead zombie bit she has going on but is ALSO still like ENDURINGLY BEAUTIFUL even in death.... haunting!!!!! it's nice nice nice <3 ya captured that nicely wit her O_O fish eyes and all that blood and shit. I pog <3 <3 <3

Hadn't realized puyo fever even CAME OUT on DC...

We will NEVER STOP thinking <3

what are they all lookin at.......~

kinda obsessed with making polished little games

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